Dr. Leanh Nguyen Services

Dr. Leanh Nguyen is trained in both psychotherapy and life coaching.  

Her services are designed to help people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and have suffered trauma, as well as those who are searching for ways to make their life more meaningful and their relationships more fulfilling.

Psychology Services

As a psychologist, Dr. Nguyen is an expert in treating depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, difficulties related to related to gender, sexual, or cultural identity.

When you retain the psychological services of Dr. Leanh Nguyen, she will pledge to provide the following:

  • Diagnosing the nature of your emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Clarifying the patterns of dysfunction that govern your life
  • Identifying the trauma and psychological conflicts that lie at the core of your depression or anxiety
  • Providing a space of both emotional safety and deep insights wherein you can do the deep psychological work of making sense and mastering your psychological dysfunctions
  • Uncovering the hidden motives and unresolved conflicts that drive your depression and anxiety
  • Processing your traumatic life experiences in order to gain a full, deep understanding of your post-traumatic self and to achieve true mastery and control of your emotional functioning
  • Devising new, more adaptive strategies in coping with the needs and conflicts that underlie your depression and anxiety
  • Integrating the traumatic experience into a coherent and meaningful sense of self that acknowledges the loss and injuries inherent in the trauma but also incorporates the strengths and insights of the traumatic experience

Coaching Services

A board-certified life coach, Leanh Nguyen is trained to work with lack of motivation, lack of purpose, loss of meaning, and emotional stagnation into an uncovering of goals, needs, and desires that, when acknowledged and activated, can transform your life choices.

When you retain Dr. Nguyen’s coaching services, you will have her commitment and guidance for the following:

  • A holistic examination of the significant areas of functioning your life –health, work, family, intimate relationships, finances— so as to identify gaps in fulfilment and patterns of decision and choice-making
  • Identifying the life experiences that have formed your values and beliefs
  • Clarifying the motives and goals that have been sacrificed or forgotten
  • Uncovering the fundamental questions about Life and the deep motives of your life that lay at the foundation of your life’s choices and errors
  • Articulating your purpose, intentions, and goals in life.
  • Articulating a clear and authentic definition of who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to live
  • Formulating steps and strategies toward realizing your purpose and self-definition
  • Implementing and perfecting the action plans to achieve your goals and purpose

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Leanh Nguyen’s services have proven to obtain the most sustainable success for the following areas:

  • stagnation in professional growth
  • stress, dissatisfaction, conflict in work relationships
  • frustration in career goals
  • stress and conflict related to career change 
  • loss of purpose and creativity in work
  • difficulties in dating
  • conflict, confusion, self-sabotaging patterns in partner choices
  • difficulty with intimacy and commitment
  • stress and trauma in divorce, self-sabotaging patterns of relating
  • isolation and dissatisfaction in social connection and community network
  • conflict in family roles and dynamics
  • Difficulty with work-life balance 
  • Lack of creativity 
  • Loss of purpose
  • Lack of meaning
  • Self-destructive habits 
  • Difficulties with aging
  • Difficulties in parenting
  • Difficulties in marriage
  • Difficulties in chronic terminal illness or dying
  • Difficulties with gender and sexuality, including coming out, transitioning, commitment to intimate partners
  • Difficulties with cultural identity, including negotiating family conflicts for 2nd-generation immigrants, negotiating identity issues for bi-cultural bi-racial individuals, adapting to post-immigration status
  • Traumatic loss, including death or illness of loved one, divorce/separation, termination, diagnosis of chronic or terminal illness
  • Unwanted, forced displacement, including immigration, incarceration, relocation
  • Violence and abuse, including domestic violence, early-childhood abuse, late adult-onset violence, or chronic abuse
  • Conflict and confusion about sexuality
  • Difficulties with cultural identity, particularly Asian-Americans and immigrants
  • Conflict about marital status
  • Stress and grief about aging
  • Stress and confusion about career choice


Dr. Nguyen conceives her practice as a space for authentic human connection.  Her practice is dedicated to the mission of helping people find strength, creativity, and joy in their living.

Leanh Nguyen devotes her work to support those who seek to build a meaningful and fulfilling life.  She lends her skills and knowledge to guide those who struggle cultivate their best, truest self against the forces of culture, childhood history, and conditioned fears.

Dr. Nguyen’s practice has been found to be the most suitable platform of growth for the following individuals:

  • Young adults faced with questions about career, relationships, identity, family of origin.
  • Adults at mid-life faced with questions about marriage, parenting, career growth.
  • Adults entering late life faced with questions about grief, meaning, retirement, aging, intimacy and creativity.
  • Professionals struggling with career choice, work burn-out, career growth.
  • Artists struggling with insecurity and crisis of faith in their passion and their vision.
  • Activists struggling with burn-out, secondary traumatization, career growth
  • People of color struggling with forms of oppression
  • Second-generation immigrants, particularly Asian-Americans and lgbt youths, with conflicts about identity, career choice, and family roles.
  • LGBT individuals struggling with identity, intimacy, and trauma.

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